Molly Conrad’s voice and sensibility stand out clearly from the crowd. Self-aware without being self-conscious, she does exactly what the audience doesn’t expect. She consistently wins the listener over with what might be called 'worldly naivete.' Wide-eyed and wise beyond her years, you will find her haunting and charming.”

— Steve Goodie, Bluebird Café (Nashville, TN)

In the world of musical storytelling, Molly is the epitome of what you’re searching for. Her connection to the lyric and her sensitivity to dynamics create a palpable energy that transcends perfectly into intimate rooms as well as vast theatres.”

— Eric Morris, Old Log Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)

Molly has a unique sound with a beautiful voice. Combine that with her witty songwriting, and you’ve got a wonderful evening out.”

— Eileen Eitrheim, Galvin Fine Arts Center (Davenport, IA)