Molly Conrad is an indie-folk pop singer/songwriter based in western New York. Originally from Iowa, she spent a few years in Nashville recording and toured many parts of North America, as well as northern Germany. Her new home base is in Buffalo, NY where she recorded her fourth studio album Light of the Dark and new single "Love Like This". She captures emotional nuance with unique melodies and a fingerpicking acoustic guitar style. Molly shares her many inner thoughts and relatable stories of heartache with honest, introspective lyrics.


One-sided (2014) - Attic Bench Studios
Recording engineer: James Sivell

Go Ahead (2015) - Ocean Way Nashville
Recording engineer: Ryan Yount

Mind Over Mirror (2017) - Dark Horse Recording
Recording engineer: Alex DeVor

Light of the Dark (2021) - Pajama Records
Recording engineer: Alex DeVor

*Mastering engineer for all records: Kerry Tucker